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adrian wiesendanger
shipping was superfast. will update on product in a couple wks as to how well it's working.
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Fast shipping, good packaging, good price i love it thx u :)))
Mark Cantu
Fast and easy shipping. And the products have been very good. I definitely recommend this company in Canada if you’re looking to increase your workout outputs and gains. 10/10
Bencilal Chaudhary
Brett Nesbitt
Great shopping experience.
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Scott Urquhart
Had a problem with my first order, but it was rectified almost immediately. The product is top notch, and the customer service is above and beyond!
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1st class company and excellent products. Been dealing with this company for years and nothing but good things to report.
Order was great! Received on time and packaged properly! Second time ordering and no issue!

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Canada Sarms

Canada Sarms is a leading provider for research SARMs in Canada. Our mission is to surpass your expectations with our superior quality control. All our products are produced, packaged and shipped from Ontario and Quebec, Canada. All our SARMs are pharmaceutical grade, lab tested and contain no alcohol, fillers or any illegal substance.

Order our best SARMs from anywhere in Canada! SARMs Canada’s discreet shipping is both fast AND secure. All our products are intentionally crafted with excellence and are made with 100% Kosher & Halal ingredients. We offer the most potent SARMs formula on the market. Thus, the bioavailability of all our SARMs products is the main focus of our R&D. This is especially important if you’re looking to maximize your research results with SARMs in Canada.

SARMs + Prohormones?

SARMs and prohormones work very differently. Prohormones act as a precursor to a steroid, meaning that it is meant to convert to a steroid post ingestion. Take for example the prohormone 19NOR which is a legal precursor to the iconic steroid nandrolone, commonly referred to as “Deca.” So instead of using “Deca,” bodybuilders use 19NOR which becomes “Deca” in their body once metabolized by the liver.

SARMs work to target your androgen receptors in your body. Unlike hormones (or prohormones which are metabolized into hormones), SARMs “trick” your body into thinking you’re taking a steroid, by binding to your androgen receptors. The fact that SARMs are not hormones should, in theory, make them safer than hormonal steroids as hormones have a tendency to aromatize in the body and to cause androgenic side effects. The goal with the development of SARMs is to create a safer alternative to hormones.

That being said, SARMs are often stacked with Prohormones for some serious mass gains. It is important for you to do your due diligence and make the right choice when choosing your stack. This is why we curated a hand-picked menu of our best Prohormones.

19NOR supplement in Canada

"Where to Find the Best SARMs Source in Canada?"

With SARMs becoming more & more popular, so is the number of online websites selling them. Questionable quality from some of these “companies” has lately given our industry a bad rep. This is why it is important that you shop from a reputable, trusted supplier such as Canada Sarms. We have been providing the best quality SARMs mail order delivery all over Canada for over 5 years and we aim to make the SARMs market as “clean” as we possibly can. We do so by 1) sourcing the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, 2) ensuring a clean production process which meets health guidelines, 3) ensuring meticulous ratios to achieve the most sophisticated results.

Buying quality SARMs doesn’t have to be all that expensive! Our products are competitively priced so that everyone can afford the quality everyone deserves. We continuously offer promotions and discount codes (check out our fortune wheel for a chance to win up to 35% by clicking the gift icon below). You can safely shop for SARMs in Canada as all of our orders ship from Toronto and do not pass customs. Our packages are 100% discreet and delivery is guaranteed on every order. For any assistance or questions regarding SARMs Canada’s products, please chat with us or send us an email. Even if we are not available to chat, you will receive a reply directly to your email! Our promise is to take the best care we possibly can of you, our customer.


"What is the Legal Status for SARMs in Canada?"

SARMS are legal in Canada as they are not on any Canadian list of illicit or illegal products. SARMs are legal for the purpose of conducting research. While you won’t get in trouble for possessing SARMs products (the same way you would if you possess anabolic steroids), they have yet to be approved by local health authorities for human consumption. Therefore, it is very important to be under the supervision of your family doctor (i.e. physician), if you decide to use SARMs. While they have potential in replacing steroids as a safer alternative, SARMs are not necessarily free of side effects for everyone. This is why it’s crucial that you are monitored by an approved healthcare professional. Remember, health is wealth! These products are not intended to treat, heal or cure any disease or medical condition.

Do you find this information conflicting with other online sources? You’ve probably seen other websites make illegal claims about SARMs products in Canada. This represents a conflict of interest, as some of these other “companies” may be promoting SARMs in an aggressive fashion. They do so in an attempt to grab as much market share as possible. In other words, they may value their profits over their customers’ health. At Canada Sarms, we operate quite differently. We simply inform people about the possible and reported benefits of SARMs. However, we value all of our customers’ health & safety. This is why we founded this company in the first place! Our aim is to destroy the misinformation in this industry, while providing our customers with safer, more professional quality SARMs products. Our ultimate goal is to potentially become the approved source by local Canadian health authorities, in the future. There is a demand for these products in Canada, so we hope to minimize the risks for all Canadian customers (of legal age, of course)!

If you are considered to be a minor in your province of residence, you may not purchase, view or consume any of our SARMs and prohormone products. If we suspect that a minor is using/purchasing these products, we will take immediate action in contacting their parent/legal guardian, as well as legal action if needed. We reserve the right to do so, and we may request repayment for damages and legal fees for such situations. 

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