Acacetin | 100mg/ml

Acacetin | 100mg/ml


by 25/03/2023


1 (30-day Supply) 4 (120-day Supply)
2 (60-day Supply) 5 (150-day Supply)
3 (90-day Supply) 6 (180-day Supply)

This product is used for its potential effects:

  • Testosterone Optimization
  • Estrogen Reduction
  • Aromatase Inhibitor: Less Testosterone Converted to Estrogen
  • Anabolic (Muscle Increasing) Properties
  • Fat Loss Effects

Sparta-Dex is an acacetin solution containing 100mg per ml. Each bottle contains 30ml; that’s a total of 3 grams in each bottle!


What is Acacetin?

Acacetin is a prohormone commonly used as an OTC (in the USA) aromatase inhibitor, meaning that this compound is meant to block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, Acacetin is seen as ideal when cycling testosterone or any other aromatizing compounds. Acacetin may increase the bioavailability of endogenous testosterone (naturally occurring testosterone in the body) by limiting its conversion to estrogen. This is why it is often stacked with 4-Andro, to synergistically enhance 4-Andro‘s full effects by limiting its aromatization.


*This Product is Sold for Research Purposes Only. Seek The Advice of Your Healthcare Provider (i.e. Family Doctor/Physician) Before Use of This Product or Even Any Supplement. Do Not Use if You Are: 1) Pregnant, 2) Breastfeeding, 3) Under The Age of 19, 4) If You Have a Serious Medical Condition Or Are Taking Medication Prescribed By Your Doctor.


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