Terms and Conditions / Termes et Conditions


Tous nos produits sont vendu à des fins de recherches scientifiques SEULEMENT (au laboratoire). Ces produits ne sont pas approuvés par Santé Canada pour la consommation humaine. Les SARMS ne sont pas un additif alimentaire, ni des médicaments approuvés, ni des suppléments cosmétiques, et ne sont pas déstinés à des fins d’utilisation inappropriés. L’acheteur garanti de ne pas abuser ces produits, de ne pas utiliser ces produits de manière irrésponsable (que ce soit sur un humain ou un animal), et de CONSULTER SON MÉDECIN DE FAMILLE AVANT DE DÉCIDER D’UTILISER CES PRODUITS, OU N’IMPORTE QUEL AUTRE PRODUIT (SUPPLÉMENTS, MÉDICAMENTS, ETC). Canada Sarms et tous ses affiliés ne sont pas responsable si l’acheteur se sert de ces produits (SARMS) d’une manière irrésponsable, ou si son utilisation cause des dommages de n’importe quelle nature possible. De plus, l’acheteur GARANTI QU’IL EST MAJEUR (18 ANS ET PLUS) LORSQU’IL EST SUR CE SITE (CANADASARMS.COM). AUCUN MINEUR NE DEVRAIT SE TROUVER SUR CE SITE OU N’IMPORTE QUEL AUTRE SITE DE SARMS. AUCUN MINEUR NE DEVRAIT ACHETER OU POSSÉDER CES PRODUITS (SARMS), ET SURTOUT QU’AUCUN MINEUR NE DEVRAIT LES CONSOMMER.

Terms of Usage / DISCLAIMER

All Canada Sarms products are sold legally for non-human experimental purposes only. These products are intended for research and laboratory use only, and NOT to be used as food additives, drugs, cosmetics, or other inappropriate applications by the purchaser. The buyer warrants that the product will not be used in any other manner and assumes any, and all, responsibility for misuse. In buying these products, the purchaser further declares that he/she is of legal age according to their governing State/Province and that the purchase of this item is legal where this is being shipped to or used, and assumes all responsibility for any legal violations.

In buying these products, the purchaser recognizes that there may be hazards associated with their consumption. The purchaser warrants that they are fully conscious of this, and aware of (I) the safety and health hazards that can be related to the handling of the products purchased; and (II) government regulations; be they current or hereinafter enacted; regarding the use of and exposure to products that are purchased on canadasarms.com.

In no event, shall Canada Sarms, or any of its affiliates be liable for any damages/harm caused by the misuse & handling of said products. In contemplation of Canada Sarms consenting the sale of any product to the purchaser, said purchaser consents to indemnify and absolve Canada Sarms from all claims, expenses, losses and liabilities of any and all kind emerging from the buyers’s possession, handling, or use of any of our products in any possible manner.


Privacy Policy

Canada Sarms & all affiliated parties certify that we do not use, collect nor store any information from you, or your device (computer, smartphone, tablet) except for the sole purpose of placing/processing your order and for sending you promotional offers via email and/or SMS text message using the email/phone number provided by you. To opt out of SMS: simply reply with “STOP”. To unsubscribe from our email list, you can manage your preferences by visiting the link included in the footer of each of our promotional emails. Your personal details such as name, address and phone number are kept private and may only be viewed by us for the purpose of processing your order.

Shipping & Returns

Due to the nature of the products sold, Canada Sarms does not accept returns nor does it offer any type of refund, except if there is a mistake on our end (e.g. wrong product sent, missing product, faulty product, etc). Once we judge the claim to be legitimate (proof needed), we will process a full replacement free-of-cost. In our efforts to avoid any fraudulent claims, all orders are documented prior to shipment and all shipments are tracked by the third party carrier

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